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Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society

Christmas Banquet

The NOARS Annual Christmas Banquet has become the largest amateur activity of its type in Northern Ohio. It is open to the entire ham community and their guests. Our banquet has developed a reputation of having great food, great entertainment and lots of FUN. NOARS will provide the entertainment, dinner, and prizes, soft drinks, 807’s and wash for your BYOB.


Admission is 18.00 dollars per person

Advanced ticket sales only. The deadline for tickets is December 1st 1998. Send your check or money order to one of the following people. Tickets may also be obtained at the meeting from Rosemary or Gary. You can also help support club activities by purchasing extra raffle tickets at the cost of $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.

NOARS Banquet Gary Gargus, N8DIU

148 Elma Drive 1965 North Ridge Road

Elyria, Ohio 44035 Lorain, Ohio 44055 Phone (440) 277-6171


December 12, 1998 Program:

Gargus Hall, Lorain, Ohio Cocktails…6:00-7:00




Menu includes: Carved Steamship Round of Beef, Pork Chops, Pasta Rolli, Potatoes Au Gratin, Buttered Corn, Green Beans with Mushroom Sauce, Tossed Salad, Rolls and Butter, 2 jellos and 3 desserts, coffee, tea and milk.



Hi Gang, I thought I'd send a report of some of the stuff I worked during the last tropo opening on 144mhz and 432mhz. I worked 6 new grids on 432, and 3 new grids on 144mhz.I worked into em48, en64, en41, em57, em26, en65, fn21, en40, em38, em49, en50 on144mhz. On 432 I worked en64, em48, en50, en65, en40, em38 all this was on Aug20 signals were anyware from s-3 to59+30 on 432 I had signals up to 59+10!It was a great opening it's the first good opening I've been able to work since I got 432. I sure hope we get a couple more like it this year vhf has been dead the last couple of years. On Aug. 12 I made my first meteor scatter contact on 144mhz I worked k5iua in el29 and w0vd in em38 I already have both these grids confirmed but it was fun working them anyway. I didn’t set up any skeds these where random contacts, boy the call freq. sure does get crazy during a meteor shower. Well that all from here 73 and good dx. Terry VE3TMG (EN82)


6m DX-ers rejoice!


8/29/98 - Things are looking up for the 6m crowd. Today in just the span of several hours I worked 4 continents and numerous 6m ops on the 6m liason freq. of 28.885MHz. Hasn't been this good since Feb '92 (not here anyway) For instance - -PY5CC was peaking 20/s9 - wow!! Internet/Email and Packet is all very fine, and I probably wouldn't be without it, but there just is no substitute for 1 on 1 communication and LIVE updates via "good ol' 885". -MIKE/ve9aa



The Happy VHF’er

VE3VRQ Michael FN13gx

I Did It!!! I have had my 108 grid squares both confirmed and verified!!! This past Saturday, I went to VE3DSS's QTH, while on our way to the Canadian National Exhibition (AKA The Ex) to have my 108 QSL's verified. Upon arriving at Dana's, I got my 108 cards, my log book and my QSL binder (brought that along, just in case there was a minor dispute, you know, a backup or two). He showed off his new tower he is in the process of erecting, the hole in the ground was probably deeper than his out door pool!!! That was the largest tower section I had ever seen! Anyway, I described how and when I worked for my VUCC on 6m, then carried on to show him a picture of the antenna I used to work and confirm my 108 grids. He could not believe that I worked my VUCC in such a short time span, with such an antenna! (Specs to follow!) His jaw dropped, you can just sense the jealousy within! Dana has yet to confirm 100 grids himself!!! So I left my well arranged box of goodies at Dana's house, and carried on, having one of the most wonderful days of my life!

Thanks to everyone who was able to work me this past spring/summer! Of course, an even more important thank you to each of my 108 Radio Amateur's who QSLed with me! It is not too late, as I'm now on my way to earn my 1st endorsement for my certificate (well, once I get my number! Counting on #1,000!!! It will be close!!!). So please, if you have yet to QSL me, please do so. I sure enjoy the special notes on the back of my QSL's (Dana also enjoyed many of the comments on the cards. With special note to WX7M in DM08! If you have his card, you'll know what I mean! If you don't have Pat's QSL, you best work him then!, Just like I did!). A QSL is more than just a piece of paper with your Grid, Time/Date, Freq & RST. It's a solid piece of history, that one can go back and relive some wonderful moments in Radio History! I love QSL's & QSLing!

Now you may ask yourself, what's so special about working this VUCC??? Geez, almost everyone is doing it! But until you understand my circumstances, I'm sure you too will appreciate this VUCC too. Even better if your card was one of the verified QSL's to have done it for me!

The VE3VRQ Super Station:

Activated 6m: 06 Apr 98 @ 00:30 with N2JMH, Jim from Brockport, NY 50.180 S 58 R 59.

Radio: Yaesu FT736r 10w output

Amplifier: Sorry, none here! Yes, BAREFOOT 10W!

Pre-Amplifier: Sorry, what I have is what I work with! Sure could use one though!

Antenna #1: A 3 wave length Long Wire #12 Wire used. Hey, I made 1 QSO with it! Jim, N2JMH on

06 Apr 98! My 1st 6m QSO! Thanks Jim! After a couple of days of silence, I went to work searching for data to construct a Quad. Hence, on 11 April 98, I had finalized the next antenna for my 6m experimentation...

Antenna #2: Ah... Yes, the 3 element VE3VRQ enhanced KD6DKS / ARRL Cubical Shoe-String Quad! Measured from the boom to the ground, the front is 102" off the ground, and the back of the boom is 92"! YES, this is inches from the ground!!! The bottom 3 points of the Quad average 42" from the ground!!! Sure I have written 6' from the ground, but would you believe 42" from the ground????

Both a picture and description on how to construct your own appears on this WebPage of mine:

I encourage everyone to make one for themselves! I have calculations for building one up to 7 elements in length! That's if you have 5.249m of boom available! The 3 element Quad took me and my children one sunny afternoon to construct! What fun for the kids! (1 week to figure the most optimum spacing from all gathered sources and convert everything into mm, so there was no room for error! Who cares if your out 2mm? I know it would make a diff if you were out 1" though!

Co-Axial: 2 x 50' Scrappy Shack Special's! (Just think what I can work if I had good stuff!)

SWR Meter: Sorry, I have yet to raise the funds to purchase one.

Well that is my pitiful station that did the job for me! With a boom 97" off the ground, and running only 10w into this frail 3 strands of #12 wire, you might appreciate just what you can do on 6m!

Final words: Please QSL your QSO's, SASE or not! Many QSL's I receive were created on their own PC's! Printed and cut, sure its simple, some may be thankless for such simple QSL's, but other's like myself enjoy everyone collected! I sure hope you enjoy mine! You might not wish to work your VUCC, but rest assured, the guy on the other end of your QSO just might need your grid square! So help them out! In any account, the object of the game is to have fun and enjoy! I am!

73, VE3VRQ




FOR SALE: Hi all, Upgrading 2 meter amp.

I have for sale a Henry 2002A, excellent physical and condition, 3cx800A7, full output for $1200. I will not Ship this, prefer pickup (with demo), but will deliver within 200 miles of Knoxville, Tn. I can also deliver to the Shelby NC Hamfest on agreement to purchase. I also have a Yaesu FT-102, near mint, with 1.8kc & 0.5 kc filters, fm board, (no am filter), manuals, (no box) for $550 & shipping. Can deliver to Shelby. This includes a Heil HM-10 (?) headset with DX element. The rig works great, in use now as IF for 432 DEM transverter. Thanks, Bert Rollen - NS4W hm 423-457-8409 (When offline) wk 423-241-4343 ( has voice mail)




Hi All, Well I don’t think there was the activity there was last year. Saturday and Sunday morning were not too bad. I shut down Sunday about noon and started again at 10 pm local to finish up, still none the less a lot of fun. See you all in January.

6m 35 qso 15 grids

2m 54 qso 22 grids

222 25 qso 14 grids

432 37 qso 19 grids

1296 13 qso 8 grids +AD0- 19656 pts

Best dx on 2m was FM05 . Also the 1296 conditions were very good to the south i have been hearing WA4PGI 1296 beacon in FM07 for the last 4 days from about 02:00 utc on till the early hours of the mornings. 73 Bob NO3I EN90UW


It was somewhat of a slow contest here near Toledo, OH EN81. I actually got 6 1/2 hours of sleep and read one of the ham magazines! But during both evenings, things picked up a bit and were decent-especially after my power line noise disappeared!!! Nice to hear everyone I could hear. Hope to catch you all again for the next one.

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Mults

6 40 40 40 21

2 97 97 97 35

222 21 21 42 14

432 36 36 72 21

Totals 194 194 251 91

Final Score = 22,841 pts.

6m = IC706 100w and a 5el beam @ 43ft

2m = IC271a and Mirage amp 160w and 13el beam @ 46ft

222= IC706/DEMI Transverter and Mirage amp 120w and 17el beam @ 41ft.

432= TS790a and RFconcepts amp 100w and 19el beam @ 44ft.

73, Sean-KC8CSD EN81hm



After a dismal start with the UHF "contest" this month really went out with a bang! The period from 8/19 - 8/27 produced some of the best tropo I've seen in years, and finished off with a super aurora. I managed to work several new grids on 432 & up during this time, and the first new state (Delaware) on 432 in 14 years! At one time or another, the bands were open via tropo NW to EN37, SW to EM34, S to EM63, and E to FM28/29. On 8/26-27, 2M was also open to much of this same area via aurora, but I was so busy chasing tropo DX on 432+ that I didn't make many contacts via this mode. My three most memorable contacts were with:

W3OR (FM28, Del.) on 144, 432, 903, & 1296

AA2UK (FM29, N.J.) on 144, 222, 432, & 1296

K4MRW (EM64, Ala.) on 144, 432, & 2304!

And the party's not over yet. This morning (9/5) I worked N0KQY in DM98 which is the farthest west I've wworked on 432. The weather patterns look stable, so it looks like we're also going to get a good Labor Day opening this year. 73 (for sure) Jim - WB9SNR


Operating Report - N8PVT Walt Smart & Stephanie KC8ALA

The trip / Vacation to Copper Harbor (Brockway Mountain) EN67 was wildly successful. What beautiful weather, excellent band conditions and friendly folks. We were an hour or so behind schedule, lingering at the excellent German restaurant in Copper Harbor (sorry folks, but it was wonderful). I’d been monitoring 6M FM on the car radio in the late morning, so I knew we had a chance for some nice openings. As you can note in the pictures, we just set up on the trunk of the Neon, fired up the 726 and worked 50 stations during our two hour allotted time, using Stephenie’s call (KC8ALA). We use mine during the contests back in EN64. We had a pipeline to the SE part of the U.S., but also crossed over into VE6 land. A real treat was the new "QUICK" break-down 3 el yagi, that is vastly superior to the 6M dipole we often use on portable operations. Very directional with some nice gain. Easy to carry (unlike the 5 el KLM we have carried around in the past). The FM grid field took most of our calls, but also quite a few EM’s. Within days of our return home, the QSL’s rolled in like crazy. It’s great to be wanted, and part of a pile-up! We ended up on 50.155 for most of the 2 hours, and everyone found us, (a nice change from our usual seeking). Sadly, a number (about 1/3) of the folks seeking QSL’s sent no SASE. We’ll still send out the cards, but this (the SASE) is just common courtesy. We spent a lot of time and dollars to activate EN67, but you know how it goes.

Finally, this is a popular spot for hams. The owners are well aware of "us". Please get permission whenever possible. They have some horror stories, and we need all the good PR we can gather. We worked with them, and they were gracious with us. We would love to read reports from others! Don’t want to appear to "hog" the Newsletter. Gotta be other folks taking pictures too!

73, Walt and Stephenie


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I am considering asking (petitioning) ARRL to modify the rules concerning rovers in the VHF contests, and would like your input before I make it formal. Currently rovers are limited to just 2 operators and they must remain the same 2 operators for the duration of the contest. My main concern here is one of safety with a secondary concern of making roving more attractive to more Hams.

First the safety issue. I have talked to a few about their practices during a rover expedition and almost all admit that they push their endurance where it comes to sleep. I must admit that had myself and N2VJV continued during the June contest we too would have gone on with far to little sleep. Now I don't know how you feel, but this scares me and I shudder to think how the other drivers on the road would feel if they knew. I have not heard of any rovers having been involved in any incidents, but it would not surprise me to learn of any.

The second concern is to address how to attract more hams into participating in the contests (more points available for those who already do).

My proposal would allow up to 6 operators to be part of a rover team, but only 2 at a time within any grid. Ie. if myself and N2VJV operated in FN12, we could not operate in the next grid, but 2 other operators could. In other words the same 2 operators could not operate in successive grids. You could swap between the operators any way you want as long as no one operates in 2 successive grids. To keep you a little honest a log of operator time would be submitted along with the results to ARRL.

This it would seem be a simple change that would address both of my concerns. There would be more people to share the driving and operating time ( I know that you can have extra people to do the driving, but why not allow them to share in the operating also?) so there should be fewer overly tired rovers on the road. Extra operators would give more Hams a chance to participate in the contests. Actually it sounds too simple, but I feel that it would work. thanks 73 De KB2SGX



Greetings Carl!

Sounds like this contest made quite an impression on you. A contest that provokes thought and consideration of how things can be better is a good thing. I hope you consider the responses to your post, before you approach the ARRL. I'd bet that the ARRL gets inundated with petitions and proposals on a regular basis.

I and many others, who have submitted numerous Rover logs over the years, enjoyed an increasing fraternity until the rules came under attack. I don't know if you were among the ranks prior to the rape of the rover scoring rules, but it was fun then, and the category was a lure to prospective VHF contesters. Equipment was swapped, borrowed and sold between the guys that hit the road for every VHF contest. The roving team could be as large (or small) as the participants wished. The waccos that did extreme things like traveling great distances, ran incredible antenna arrays and accomplished great feats were made heroes of our hobby. Then, with the stroke of a pen, new rules were added or changed. The attraction of the category became minimized. The guys that DID IT, became frustrated, and found things to do that were more constant in nature. It seems that the simple pleasures we enjoy today, are doomed to become complicated objects of debate tomorrow.

Some of the most pleasurable moments in my life were when my wife and I would jump in the van, and hit the road to pass out grid squares during a contest. I operated in the Rover category, and she drove. Simple? Yes! Enjoyable? Yes! A good time had by husband and wife? Yes again! Dangerous? Not at all! Your proposal would prohibit Linda and me from doing this in the future, if we were so inclined. The scoring rule change has done much to diminish my desire to make the journey again. I see no need for additional legislation on the matter. In fact, a return to the old ways would profit us all. Any hope for that?

I propose that you separate the six operators into three vehicles, and put on three times as many grid squares under three separate calls. Thats fun. That's simple. That's how it was in the old days, and you're older than me (hi).

Best 73, Dave N8NQS